Order Management for Retailers

CommerceBlitz imports orders from various sales channels through API calls, EDI connection or spreadsheet upload, and populates the interface with all the information needed for successful fulfillment and customer service.

The interface will show what sales channel the order came from, shipping address, phone number, email, originating order ID, SO and PO numbers, SKU, UPC, brand, quantity, price at which the item sold, cost, markup and date of sale and so on. Once the order is shipped, it will also show the tracking ID.

When the order is imported into CommerceBlitz, it can be exported by various teams based on rules, so the warehouse orders go to the warehouse team, the dropship orders go to ordering team and so on. Every order is marked as exported, and given a PO number, which allows for quick and easy tracking on both sides.

The tracking IDs are entered into CommerceBlitz order lines automatically, either through the shipping module the warehouse uses or by “harvesting” the tracking IDs from UPS, USPS or Fedex systems. The tracking IDs are also sent to the marketplaces, which confirms shipping, and releases the funds held by the marketplace.