You Against The World

A fight to find the market

There is a large world of product catering to a large diverse world of people. Finding the place to put your product can be a challenge. Finding the platforms you need to build on to provide for your customers can also be daunting. How can you predict the tech trend before it trends? We aim to be more flexible.

Utilizing a messenger based system design we were able to greatly affect scalability to the functionality of our software. Only needing to update the changed parts rather than constantly polling and updating a maintained large database. This keeps hardware costs low, very low.

Our system is designed to be implemented in part or in whole with your already existing infrastructure. We also offer technical expertise to help launch and maintain catalogs. Any product will be fine in the system as there isn’t an architecture to the database restricting your creations. Retailer or Manufacturer can benefit greatly from our Suite of connectors.

The logistics of Multi-Channel Ecommerce has become increasingly more complicated. Expectations of consumers have increased. E-Comm is not a novelty any longer, it is a way of doing business. We provide a Software as a Service (SAAS) model software suite to connect all your Ecommerce parts together. Each module is sold separately and linked to a particular platform. For example, the “Amazon Module” would allow for two-way communication between systems. By default, it includes an inventory management module and a shipping module. The Amazon market alone is linked to over 1 Million sellers. We offer Modules for Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, Bonanza, Pricefalls, ZuLily, Kohl’s, and ever more.

We offer the software and logistic solutions to operate multi-platform, multi-origin ECommerce distribution sales engines. A full online selling service. Simple and dependable automation for ECommerce.

Experience has taught us to look at the supply chain from the warehouse point-of-view, as well as the multiple sales channels. From a single storefront, a sales channel can be rapidly set up. Tying that into the Internet of things, adding new distribution points and sales channels add challenges to the supply chain. Keeping the inventory management process as automated and as versatile as possible across all sales channels. Every sales channel needs to funnel into a shipped order from your warehouse, outside fulfillment service, Dropship, agreement, etc… making sure current inventory is updated at every juncture.

A single storefront requires more than just a stand-alone website in today’s highly competitive climate.