CommerceBlitz B2B

CommerceBlitz B2B

Easy as 1-2-3

CommerceBlitz B2B Wholesale simplifies the order process for your buyers, gives your salespeople the ability to quote, invite and schedule orders, enables discounts at the buyer and tiered quantity levels, provides secure server space for millions of orders and more — all at a monthly price point that’s fair and affordable. If you’re looking for the best wholesale software app for small business or medium enterprise, click here to learn more.

New Price/Discount Options

Reward an individual buyer by applying a global discount to their account without worrying about shutting promo codes on and off. Move seasonal stock quickly with up to 5 discount tiers for individual products – so your buyers know they’re getting maximum bang for their buck. Create up to 5 tiers with their own unique pricing structures.

New Billing Options

Custom invoicing means you’ll never have to leave a deal on the table again. Instead of being restricted to credit card options or Shopify POS, you’ll be able to issue invoices on your own terms – for example, Net 30.

Easy Integration

Designed as a native Shopify plugin, so you can get selling to a vast network of buyers without an annoying onboarding process. The app preserves data integrity and minimizes the export of spreadsheets which can be easily confused or altered, while taking CSV bulk uploads or allowing advanced product editing at the Expert and Custom levels. Plus, ask about our available API integrations for eBay, Fulfilled by Amazon, and more.