Product and Wholesale Manager –
Custom Password

Here is some great new info about our latest changes for the Product and Wholesale Manager app. If you haven’t tried it already, download the free trial today and discover everything we are offering from Product Management to Wholesale tiers and discounts ALL IN ONE app!

Customer accounts are now detached from Shopify Customers for more granular control of access

Yes, we did this for you! We understand your needs and your business so now your wholesale customers are completely separated from your retail customers. As a Shopify store owner, this places the reigns solidly in your hands leaving it up to YOU to decide who you want to grant access to the wholesale side of your store!

Change Password Option

To make everything even more secure we added a “change password option” for your clients on the wholesale page. Existing clients can find that option right near the logout button (see images below.)

Make it unique, make it safe, make it yours – this is our motto for everything that we do! Download the app now and see for yourself! (PS: There is a FREE tier version as well!)

Need more info? Feel free to book a demo with us! Follow this link to pick a time that works best for you and let us show you all benefits of the Product and Wholesale Manager app.