Why CommerceBlitz

Why CommerceBlitz

We know your pain because we’ve lived through it.

4 years ago, CommerceBlitz founders Hugh Sinclair and David Paik were sitting in their warehouse frustrated with an enraged customer on speaker phone.


Hugh and David were in the 3rd Party Logistics business and they had sold out-of-stock items on behalf of customers that weren’t in stock. Hugh and David were happy their business was growing, but they were frustrated by the expensive mistakes that ultimately cost their customers money and time. They also realized that the existing software solutions for inventory tracking were expensive and cumbersome while manually tracking inventory in a growing business left them vulnerable to common human mistakes.


So they decided to build their own Inventory and Warehouse Management solution that truly addressed their needs. Now they are sharing that homegrown solution with the rest of the eCommerce community.

Maybe you have faced some of these challenges:

Missing out on sales

An inability to show full inventory causes billions of dollars in lost revenue for eCommerce companies like yours and mine.


Selling stuff you don’t actually have

The quickest way to enrage customers is to not fulfill an item that they bought. If you have experienced this, I don’t need to elaborate. Ouch!


Paying for expensive software.

Expensive software tends to be complex and costs even more to train employees.


Not having good financial inventory data

You can’t run your accounting software because you don’t have good inventory data. We’ve solved that with connecting to QuickBooks and Xero with QB Blitz.


Products are Overselling/Underselling

This can be a game-ending blow for businesses selling across multiple channels. Our clients need to make sure a sale in one channel is reflected across all channels. Nobody likes leaving money on the table, or worse, getting shut down by Amazon.


Order fulfillment rates are too slow

Labor costs skyrocket when manual systems are in place and too much “human time” in managing orders. Our clients didn’t get into this business to manage their inventory. They just want to know where everything is and have inventory balance at all times. Our software makes this simple.


Inaccurate forecasting

Customer demand plays a major role in inventory turnover and how you maintain your stock levels. Knowing when your inventory is getting low, when to reorder, and how much to purchase is key to never missing out on sales.
CommerceBlitz was born out of real experience and a need for an agile, all-in-one solution. And when you sign up with CommerceBlitz, you get Hugh, David and the whole team to support your business. They created a software to make wholesale selling through Shopify easier, ensure inventory is always balanced across channels and warehouses, provide better product information and pricing, and ultimately, to sell more.

Ready to get started?

Hugh and David also know that every business is unique and if you’re just getting your eCommerce business launched and you’re not ready for software, or you’d rather outsource your inventory management to a team of experts, they can help with that too. Head over to the Logistics For Hire site to see all the consulting services they offer to support you and your business at every stage of development.