PWM – Expanded UI for Future Collections/Pre-Ordering System

As we announced before, Future Collections UI got a complete rework and new functionalities. We successfully implemented everything that you asked for! You’re welcome!

1. View/Edit/Bulk Edit functionality

An optimized and easy-to-use interface that is allowing you to view and edit your future collections in just a few clicks, bulk editing is included.

2. Create a new Future Collection

Future Collections are allowing you to assign certain products to be pre-sold before specific launch date. We have included features as: title, launch date, description – for better organization, and the newest one – Future Collections discounts. Discounts in Collections will overwrite any other wholesale Discount which means that you have full pricing customization!

3. Pre-Order Settings

We are always focused on adding features that will allow our clients to have full control and full customization options. We understand different needs and that’s why we included Pre-Order Settings into the Future Collections UI. In Pre-Order settings, you can activate/deactivate pre-ordering, set order quantity limits, and even change checkout cart text.

4. Pre-order analytics

Another helpful feature is allowing you to generate Sales Reports quickly. Pre-Order Analytics and SKU Analytics are everything you will ever need to keep track of your sales.