Product and Wholesale Manager V2.0.4

Here are the highlights of what’s new and changed in Product and Wholesale Manager V2.0.4

New Features

  1. Image alignment fix
  2. Now showing 4 images per row

Bug Fixes / Changes


Our new Dashboard section will help you with setting up your store and will continually update its features to help you as your business grows.

We here at Commerceblitz strongly adhere to the motto – “Simplicity is the Ultimate form of Success.”

With that in mind, we added the Dashboard section as the first tab in our Product and Wholesale Manager app. This new Dashboard will help you with setting up your Wholesale store quickly! The dashboard has all the essential features in one place from synchronizing your products from Shopify to setting wholesale prices, inviting your customers, and creating customer tiers.

Redesign of Grid View in the Catalog Section

Another feature we have looked to improve is the redesign of the Grid View in our Product and Wholesale Manager catalog. With an image alignment fix and four products per row, you can keep an eye on all your products and update them quickly and easily!

Wholesale Store – Filtering Options

Are you frustrated by large catalogs where you struggle to find your products? We thought so. That is why we have added new Filtering Options that will help you and your buyers find desired products quickly and efficiently! It is not a mystery that satisfied buyers are spending more when they can find what they want easily!