Product & Wholesale Manager – A New Shopify App Listing Format

We’re excited to announce that the Product & Wholesale Manager has a new Shopify listing format.

New Shopify App Store Redesign

You may have seen some changes to the Shopify app store lately. The new design is meant to make it easier for you to find the right apps, but this update also means that current app listings will be updated as well. The updated format will make it easier for merchants to find the best apps for their business and help improve the overall user experience.

Secondary Category to be Advertised – Store Management

The Product & Wholesale Manager app has been added to its secondary category – Store Management so that you can easily find it and add it to your store. Our app is a powerful tool for managing your Shopify products and wholesale orders – and it’s available as a free version which gives you access to all of the core features needed to get started with managing your product catalog on Shopify.

Product & Wholesale Manager – 30-Day Free Trial

Overall, the new Shopify listing format is a welcome change. The seller has more control over the way their apps are presented, which should lead to a better user experience for merchants.