Product & Wholesale Manager V2.0.8

We are happy to announce that we made some improvements in Product & Wholesale Manager. We have improved the loading speed of the platform, product sync speed, and some other things so that your experience will be better than ever before.

New Features

Bug Fixes / Changes

Sync in-progress notification added to the app

We’ve added a sync-in-progress notification to the Product & Wholesale Manager app, so you can see when your inventory is being synced. This will allow you to know when your data is being synced and also if there is any error or problem with it.

Sync completion email notification added

Email notification is a new feature in the Product & Wholesale Manager app that notifies you when your products are being synchronized. This will help you avoid any potential issues with syncing, and give you peace of mind that everything is going smoothly.

Product sync was updated to improve product sync speed

The product sync feature has been updated to improve the speed and reliability of syncing your products from Shopify. While the new version is much faster than before, it can still take a while if you have a large number of products. You can use the app while syncing takes place. It may be slower than usual depending on the number of products being synced at once. The Product & Wholesale Manager app will now notify you via email once when product sync is completed.

App bridge was updated to a new version to improve the loading time of the platform

This is an important update because it ensures that our users will have a smooth experience when using the Product & Wholesale Manager. We have improved the loading time of the PWM app so you can access it faster and easier.