What Is CommerceBlitz EDI?

Global e-commerce is built on the backs of incredibly complex computer systems that talk to each other 24/7. Whether it’s dropshippers talking to clients, Amazon talking to one of its warehouses, or your sales channels talking to you, every automated electronic action involves a language spoken between machines. One language that machines use is EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange – and EDI is central to the CommerceBlitz world.

EDI was born in the 1960s and became the standard way for businesses to exchange documents, like invoices, purchase orders, and shipping notifications. A business might choose to use EDI automation over a manual process because it saves time and money, improving fulfillment windows and reducing the cost of stock sitting on shelves. (And, of course, that makes customers happy too.)

Another distinct advantage of EDI is that it reduces errors by sending information directly and safely. By using encrypted messages and secure servers, you can be sure that your data hasn’t been messed with when it lands in the hands of the person you want to send it to – as opposed to someone receiving a CSV file via email and accidentally changing some of the cells around.

CommerceBlitz OMNI is our cloud-based logistics, warehouse and inventory management software, that has a unique way of leveraging EDI to make it even more adaptable for small-to-medium-sized businesses. CommerceBlitz OMNI connects all these platforms, creating all-in-one customizable solutions for retailers and wholesalers. We provide real-time results by syncing all our customers’ e-commerce operations—orders, sales channels, and inventory—letting them deliver innovative e-commerce experiences.

Growing businesses largely use API, a similar language that is easier to set up, more adaptable, more cloud-friendly, and can handle various data types, like photos and videos. By developing a proprietary translation engine that allows our own APIs to “speak” to and “understand” the EDI used by other platforms, we’ve created a best-of-both-worlds approach that allows small businesses to expand while untethered by technological or budget limitations.

If you’re one of the thousands of businesses that need to process orders and inventory via EDI, CommerceBlitz OMNI is ready to handle everything you need. Our internal translation engine enables EDI and API to talk to each other, making the process super-compatible, and you won’t even notice the difference. Whatever your business needs are, our EDI integration will transform the way you do business with your trading partner networks- from placing an order, through shipment, to payment completion.

CommerceBlitz OMNI’s powerful features start at just $250 a month for your entire warehouse that covers 3 full API integrations, 10 users, and 1200 monthly orders.