Cost-effective omnichannel warehouse management system

Our cloud-based system simplifies process flows, automatically syncs your inventory to every channel in real time, and feeds Quickbooks or your accounting software with all the info you need to run your finances – which means you can get back to selling and growing.


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Revolutionary Omnichannel Order Management System

Streamline your online store operations with our powerful OMNI cloud platform, offering an all-in-one SaaS solution for your Order Management, Warehouse, and Inventory needs. Our lean automation software simplifies your day-to-day tasks, allowing you to eliminate manual processes, increase inventory orders, and accurately focus on the core aspects of your enterprise.

Features to make your life easier

Finally, an Inventory Sync that Actually Works

Inventory is standardized and synced in real time – from every source, and out to every channel

Turn your “inventory days” into “inventory minutes”

Organize Your Warehouse with Fast Fulfillment

Quickly find your items, scan them, and get them out the door to eager customers

All Channels receive accurate tracking and shipping information

Reputation stays positive

Manage Your Finances and Sell Smarter

Actionable data insights in an easy-to-understand format

Sell more of your items with the highest demand and the highest margins

Make sure you’re making money on every sale!

API & EDI Integrations done for you:

API: Lean, Adaptable, and incredibly Powerful

We’re sitting on one of the world’s most robust libraries of API connections to make selling easy on platforms like Shopify, eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and more. It’s the foundation of a smooth platform that can update your inventory across sales channels – in real time, and without error.

P.S. If the API connection you’re looking for doesn’t exist yet, we’ll make it.

EDI: Making the Complex Seem Easy

If you’re one of the thousands of businesses processing complex batch orders via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), CommerceBlitz is ready to handle everything you’ve got.

Our internal translation engine actually enables EDI and API to talk to each other, making the process super-compatible –and you won’t even notice the difference.

OMNI Aggregator, Routes, and Balancer: The Headache-Ending Triple Threat

For the first time ever, the world now has a system with real-time routing, balancing, display, and categorization of your entire inventory – from drop shipping vendors to that obscure online store you’ve only got 10 units in. You can even set custom routing rules.

If you suddenly felt a wave of relief in your heart, that’s because inventory days just turned into inventory minutes.

Want to know more?

Integraciones API & EDI personalizadas:

API: Simple, adaptable y extremadamente potente

Tenemos una de las bibliotecas de conexiones API más robustas del mundo, diseñada para simplificar las ventas en plataformas como Shopify, eBay, Walmart, Amazon y muchas otras. Esta base sólida permite una plataforma fluida que actualiza su inventario en todos los canales de venta en tiempo real y sin errores.

Si no encuentra la conexión API que necesita, la creamos especialmente para usted.

EDI: Simplificando lo complejo

Si su empresa se encuentra entre las miles que gestionan pedidos por lotes complicados a través del intercambio electrónico de datos (EDI), OMNI está preparado para manejarlo todo.

Nuestro motor interno permite que sus sistemas EDI y API se comuniquen entre sí de manera altamente compatible, lo que hará que el proceso sea extremadamente sencillo.

OMNI Aggregator, Routes, and Balancer: 3 funciones para simplificar su negocio Online

Por primera vez, el mundo cuenta con un sistema que brinda enrutamiento, equilibrio, visualización y categorización en tiempo real de todo su inventario, desde proveedores de envío directo hasta esa tienda en línea poco conocida con solo 10 unidades en stock. Incluso puede establecer reglas de enrutamiento personalizadas.

Experimente una ola de alivio, ya que los días de lidiar con la gestión del inventario son parte del pasado con CommerceBlitz OMNI.

Desea conocer más?

Powerful tools to work faster


Balances inventory quantities across all of your sales channels so you can always keep accurate selling quantities at all times.


Set up brand/supplier/shipment rules to manage sales of inventory to various sales channels. Routing rules establish which channels receive inventory feeds per SKU and also determine the order flow from channel to vendor fulfillment services.


Parse out inventory quantities from compiled available inventory feeds based on rules set to give a certain amount of the total quantities of a product to each sales channel. This is pertinent to virtual inventory for dropshippers.

Plus More Features:

100% on the cloud Comprehensive and user-friendly information dashboard
Location zonesChannel Specific Cataloguing
No special equipment requiredBalance and track Inventory across multiple warehouses and sales channels (Amazon, Shopify, etc)
Dynamic WarehousingRoute Dropship and Warehouse orders simultaneously
Feed QuickBooks, Xero or any financial software with necessary inventory and sales information

Plus More Features:

100% on the cloud
Location zones
No special equipment required
Dynamic Warehousing
Feed QuickBooks, Xero or any financial software with necessary inventory and sales information
Comprehensive and user-friendly information dashboard
Channel Specific Cataloguing
Balance and track Inventory across multiple warehouses and sales channels (Amazon, Shopify, etc)
Route Dropship and Warehouse orders simultaneously

With years of real-world experience in logistics and eCommerce under our belts, we believe that managing your internal company logistics should be fast and easy – so when the market didn’t have a solution that met our needs, we decided to take it into our own hands.
CommerceBlitz OMNI is an all-in-one multi-functioning software platform that supports Order, Inventory, and Warehouse Management services with integrations to Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more!


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