Product and Wholesale Manager –

You’re off to a great start! We want to help you to set up your wholesale. Let’s go!

Once you launch the app, an interface will open that will guide you in detail through all the steps needed to start selling and making money. We want to emphasize the three different ways you can add products to your catalog. Everything you need is now at your fingertips in our Product and Wholesale Manager app.

There are 3 ways to bring products into your Catalog.

Once you have all the products in there, you can instantly invite your customers to order, create tier and volume break discounts for them, add custom product fields, and more.

Check out this video below to see it for yourself!

Do you have more questions? If the answer is YES click here and schedule the demo with us! Also, with downloading and installing our Product and Wholesale Manager app you can try a FREE pricing plan that will never expire and that is allowing you to test our app as much as you want! You’re welcome!