Avoid Duplicate Product and Inventory Spreadsheets with LiveCSV

Managing your product information is a critical part of running an organized business, building a brand, and keeping customers informed. And the more you grow, the more annoying and cumbersome your product catalog can get. You’ve got to keep it consistent across every system your business uses, and that’s a headache when you’ve got descriptions, sizes, colors, inventory, and more to deal with. Plus, all the information is changing all the time in lots of different places. Suddenly you’ve got 50 different CSVs managing all of your SKU’s, as if that was your entire job. It’s going to cost you time, and inevitably human error will cost you money and reputation.

Why do we do this to ourselves?! For most of us, it’s because honestly, we didn’t know there was a better way. For the rest of us, the alternatives were just too expensive. Today, I’m here to fix both of those problems, so you can spend time fulfilling orders instead of starting another spreadsheet. I can think of no better way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

Let’s say I’m selling clothing on my website, All of the info about the colors, patterns, sizes, materials… all of that has to go into a product information system or catalog system. Then I have to build it again in Shopify or some other web store, and again in my inventory system, and yet again into my wholesale and retail presentation catalogues. And then I have to make sure they all match. See what I mean?

The solution to this headache is the Live CSV feature in CommerceBlitz. With Live CSV, inconsistencies and endless spreadsheets become a thing of the past. I can upload all of my product information into my Shopify app, run continuity checks to look for common mistakes that might occur during the upload process, and identify any mismatched fields. LiveCSV then populates this information consistently across all of my systems. This way, everyone ends up with the right information. Retail customers are seeing the right product, Wholesale people see the right discounts, I’ve got product consistency across all my platforms, I can push edits to all my systems at once. With this confidence I can optimize my sales channels and marketing mix, instead of doing the bare minimum because I’m too busy updating all my systems.