Retail and Wholesale Website Integration is a Must

The problem is that these easy-to-build website programs don’t account for business expansion. They don’t have the integration you need to be able to keep your separate stores managed from the same source. So when you add a wholesale or retail component to your business, that means building another website, running that website, and – because it’s not connected to your original inventory – having to manually track sales and update inventory by hand, multiple times.

With the Product & Wholesale Manager, you eliminate the risk of data input errors and inventory misalignment, you ensure data integrity, and your inventory updates instantly and automatically.

Essentially what it does is seamlessly integrate retail and wholesale together on the same site, processing all of your sales through one application and providing added web features.

Let’s say your core business is retail with a side of wholesale clients. You have a public retail website with regular retail prices and standard promo code functionality. But you lack an online portal for hooking your wholesale customers up with better deals. Wholesale orders are super specific – they involve unique price lists and discount rates. Catalogs might look different. The whole thing takes time, money, and bandwidth. 

With CommerceBlitz, you can create a separate section of your existing website, using the same URL. For instance, if you want to create a wholesale site just for that part of your business, you’re able to create an invite-only part of the site dedicated to your wholesale offerings, including price lists, future order capability, and a tiered discount system to organize your discount rates for different clients. You can also create specific discounts for bulk orders in addition to other discounts.

This way, you can have your retail site up and available to the public, while also offering a fully functional wholesale site that allows your clientele to make bulk orders with a few clicks; no long email exchanges, instant PDF exports, discounts are applied automatically, and your inventory is updated in real time as soon as their order is confirmed.

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