CommerceBlitz OMNI Warehouse – Order Line View

Previously we presented a brief overview of CommerceBlitz OMNI Warehouse system. Now we want to help you dive into the details and familiarize you with all of the features that the application provides to help facilitate your business processes. We know from firsthand experience just how difficult it is to have control over your products. Keeping accurate counts of on-hand items that are often not located in the same places in your warehouse, along with orders from multiple channels, and of course, drop-shipping can all prove to be incredibly time-consuming. We had all of the above in mind when we started developing the CommerceBlitz OMNI application; we knew what you needed because we were once in your shoes trying to grow a business by selling on multiple marketplaces! This time we will explain in more detail the possibilities and features of the main page of the CommerceBlitz OMNI application – Order Line View.

After logging in with your username and password to CommerceBlitz OMNI, you will see the Order Line View page, which allows you to see all of the ordered items lined up one below the other. At the top left is the OMNI menu that will take you to other features of the CommerceBlitz OMNI application with one click, while at the top right is the user profile where you can personalize your account settings or log out.

Under the OMNI menu, there are options for filtering and searching orders. The filtering options are practically unlimited, you can filter your orders in countless ways starting from filtering by Order ID, SO #, SKU, UPC, PO #, Brand, Supplier, and Sales Channel but that’s not all, after choosing the filter method you can add options like: is greater then, is less than, contains, and then in the last section add the keyword you are looking for e.g. $100, Dr. Martens, etc. In addition to this extensive filtering method, we have also integrated a quick search option so that you are really covered from all sides for easy navigation and a robust order overview.

Some of the other things we want to introduce to you are the Order List button and the “three dots” vertical ellipse menu where you can refresh the Order Line View, download, or adjust the Order Line View settings as you see fit. At the foot of the Order Line View page, the number of pages is displayed, which you can also modify according to your needs (Days Range and Items Per Page).