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Full Shipping Partner Integration

Multi-Channel Consolidated Order Lines

All your markets, all your local orders in one consolidated customizable page. No need to check multiple sources or sheets. Need more info? Just Right Click for your search and sort options without leaving the page.

Smart Automated Warehouse Management

Control your physical stock, third party vendors and off-site warehousing in one place. Live updates and support communications allow Returns to be processed fast and organized.

Multi-Market Inventory Balancing

Prevent sold outs! Track, balance and designate inventory availability everywhere in real time at your discretion.

Case Study

More on the Case Study

Shopping Blitz
World Blitz LLC was started in 2011 as a logistical company with the purpose of developing a
commercially viable software suite in order to securely and completely automate the process which retail
vendors keep multiple real and virtual warehouses, sell on multiple commercial channels, sell products on
multiple online channels and deal with multiple shipping providers. The Company acknowledged that,
while most software is conceived in the theoretical and takes real world testing later in development, World
Blitz LLC decided to use real world testing from the beginning. This required the development of Shopping
Blitz. Shopping Blitz is a full-service retail company which represents over 400 brands. Shopping Blitz
maintains two warehouses in Union, New Jersey and has multiple venues where inventory is shipped
directly from vendors to customers (virtual warehouses). Shopping Blitz maintains a multi-million dollar
per year presence on,,,, and maintains it
owns website with Facebook and Google stores. Shopping Blitz provides shipping through the United
States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx. Shopping Blitz has been a fully self-sustaining since 2015. The
maintenance of all of these different aspects of retail was necessary for the development of our software
suite, Commerce Blitz.

Commerce Blitz
The first step was to develop Commerce Blitz as a Message Based system. The obvious security benefits
were inherent as opposed to a live stream format. Message based software is not used on any other
logistical program in the industry. It not only provides security by limiting the encoded transmissions to all
channels but it makes the typical errors seen in a sheet-based system a thing of the past. Whereas before an
upload to Amazon, for instance, would be stopped in the middle if an error was discovered and rejected,
forcing you to cancel and then figure out where the error was and then attempt to re-upload the entire sheet,
a message based system knows exactly where the error was and allows you to correct in the system and
continue the upload where it left off, saving time, energy and the risks of uploading error laden info to the
channel. Commerce Blitz’s Message based system doesn’t just help navigate. It doesn’t just help list
products. It addresses the handling of inventory over multiple Markets/Platforms. The Commerce Blitz
Message based system does not need to rely on a structure to operate. Due to this market break through, it
allows users to split the Inventory, Product Build and Pricing processes across all channels and warehouses
which makes product updates much simpler to monitor and track for consistency, efficiency, and accuracy.
When your Amazon, Walmart, Jet or similar channel account is at risk when you make mistakes, this is not
just convenient, but essential.

Commerce Blitz originally wanted to focus its main user interface on the concept of “Drag and Drop
Logistics” but that soon evolved into an industry specific main screen called “Order Lines.” A click away
from what any user needs to know. Lines of orders are stacked, in real time, with all the information points
needed for full control of inventory and sales listings. Customer reports are instantly generated for efficient
and quick reporting, shipping and tracking.

Commerce Blitz, to be successful,  would not need to just stand alone as its own system, it would need to
integrate into various back end systems to be effective. Commerce Blitz Developers tested connecting to
custom built web platforms, and after mastering that moved to semi custom platforms like Magento. The
next logical step was to develop connectivity with fully comprehensive out of the box solutions like Big
Commerce, Word Press, and Shopify. While Commerce Blitz had already mastered the Amazon
experience,  the team then made sure to develop connectors for eBay, Pricefalls, Jane, and NewEgg. They
then also added under developed platforms like Walmart and Jet. After finding that Walmart and Jet would
present the problem of having too many controls missing from their backend systems, they went developed
a direct link to Commerce Blitz and the communications with those platforms.

Commerce Blitz software also knew that in order to be scalable with a client, the software would need to be
able to integrate at any level the customer wanted. For this, the company developed a full Product Database.
Utilizing this feature allows a customer to put their full inventory into the software while still maintaining
their own structure and processes during integration. Without a structured software, Commerce Blitz can be
implemented at any point of the business process and still perform better than any current system.
It is easy to make claims that the software can perform like this in real world scenarios, but the fact is that
Commerce Blitz can show implementation at every step of the process through Shopping Blitz. This was
done deliberately, and in the process Shopping Blitz pushed all its channels and processes to the breaking
point in order to make sure Commerce Blitz could handle the stress and every time it came through with
flying colors.

Commerce Blitz B2B
World Blitz also knew that in order for this to be a truly comprehensive solution, it had to appeal to vendors
as well and not just retailers. World Blitz developed the Commerce blitz B2B suite as part of the integration
so that retailers and vendors with their own brands would be able to sell to Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Macys and
T.J. Maxx among others. Commerce Blitz makes selling and ordering easy for vendors, reps, retailers and
others by fully integrating into their sales cycles.

World Blitz Apps
World Blitz has developed a suite of apps to help large retailers overcome the limitations placed on product
listings and feed production by the native Shopify system. This custom made app environment is going to
be offered officially on the Shopify store. We also have developed an app to provide onsite web search and
sidebar applications for those companies with a product listing above Shopify’s native database system and
more robust than their native search systems. This app allows for pairing down of search parameters in any
amount of product to size, color, price, brand, etc and incorporates dozens of features. This app will also be
available on a monthly subscription through the Shopify store.

Cloud Based Means All Access

Commerce Blitz was originally formatted to work on Windows Desktops, but where would the fun be in that?

Commerce Blitz now works on PC, Mac or Linux and can be accessed from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone!


Life of Sheets?

Login and Begin

Order Lines

Order Lines View

Order Lines View is going to be the heart of your online business. Once connected to your marketplaces, it will collect all the orders and display all the important information, needed for fulfillment. This process also acknowledges the order to the marketplace and sends a message that you started the fulfillment.

Your warehouse will be able to export orders by TYPE, and you can assign different types to various warehouses, so everyone can download and fulfill only their own orders. The warehouse will then print their pick tickets, which use QR codes that contain shipping information, product information and order information for ease of processing.

Once they ship the order, the tracking ID is then automatically sent back to the marketplaces, closing the order.

You can sort the orders in Order Lines by any information displayed, and you can also filter the orders by any of the information displayed. You can also filter by partial information, say, the beginning of a SKU. Filters can be combined, or excluded, and the resulting data can be downloaded in a spreadsheet format.

You can also cancel the orders, un-cancel the order if you made a mistake, and you can easily create a new order (for reorders or sold outs) from an existing order. It is then automatically connected with the original order.

Order Lines, and the whole CommerceBlitz, work with Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Walmart, Jet, Pricefalls, Bonanza, to name a few marketplaces, as well as different platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and so on.



Makes sure your inventory is updated on other sales channels when a sale happens

Having multiple warehouses, or doing drop shipping, is a great idea in many ways: it enables you to offer more products to buyers, and also cut down on shipping costs, as well as delivery timeframes.

But, it is a horrible problem to keep all that inventory synced across the marketplaces, and change available quantity as soon as a sale happens.

That is why CommerceBlitz Inventory Balancer is such a life-saver. It looks for any changes in the quantity of available inventory and sends updates to marketplaces. It is also smart enough to have exclusions lists, so you can decide which brands you do not want to sell on particular marketplaces, and for the inventory balancer to ignore that brand for that marketplace.

Product Database

Product Database

Building listings on marketplaces is a chore, especially when done correctly. For any business that wants to be successful in online retail, great listings are absolutely paramount. That is why CommerceBlitz has Product Database, a central repository of all the information available on a product.

You can create your listings one by one, or use a build sheet to upload product in bulk into the database, and then modify it again, one by one, or in bulk. You can add information, delete particular products, assign ASINs and SKUs. The database holds all the information needed to list products on any marketplace, or online platform, from eBay categories to Amazon colors.

You can easily filter the database by brand, parent SKU, color, style or any other piece of information that is in it, and then download the selection in a format you need, ready to upload into Amazon, eBay, Pricefalls, Shopify, Walmart or Magento.

You will never again have to go into Amazon to get information about your own products or have to pay expensive apps to migrate your listings to a new platform.

Asin Database

Asin Database

If you are selling on Amazon, you must be petrified of losing your account due to suspension. Even if you are not banned for life, Amazon suspending you for a number of days (and the usual suspension to un-suspension time is 3 weeks) will cost you thousands of dollars.

Many suspensions that are not connected to straightforward performance metrics issues, and most in the last couple of years, happen because of listing issues. You see, in order to save themselves time on creating proper listings, by contributing descriptions, details and photos, some sellers just piggyback on other seller’s work, and connect their SKUs to already existing ASINs, not paying attention to details such as product condition, branding or description.

Moreover, some sellers straight out do not have the item, but have counterfeits, that they simply list under brand-name products already listed. Then they employ tactics such as changing description or asking Amazon to merge their listing with some other, more established one (better reviews, more sales etc).

What happens then is that, if you update your SKU after the listing has been changed in an improper manner, you actually signal to Amazon the listing is OK, and that you are selling the item as it is on the ASIN associated with it. You will of course get suspended shortly, after the first complaints start, and you will then have to defend yourself and try to prove you are selling a brand new, legitimate product.

The way CommerceBlitz fights this is that, once we create the listing, we take a snapshot of the SKU-ASIN relationship, and the pertaining details (condition, title, condition and so on), and save it in a database. Then, every time we update inventory or price, we use the ASIN. So, at any given time, we are updating the exact item we know is correct!



If you have your own brand or distribute products for another brand, you know how difficult it is to keep track of your retailers and their orders. That is why we built CommerceBlitz b2b, an interface that allows you to easily display your “at once” products to your buyers, allow them to place drop ship or warehouse orders, open RA requests, and have an overview of their order history.

It also enables you to have a repository of your future catalogs, price sheets, inventory availability, and any other information you want your customers to have. You can also assign discounts to buyers.



Returns in online retail are inevitable, but keeping track of them is a huge pain, especially if you are running a tight ship, and operating with already overworked staff. Using spreadsheets is an impossible task, because they get corrupted, copy/paste does not always work correctly, and the actual sheet has limitations in the number of information it can hold.

The solution is the Returns Interface of CommerceBlitz. Processing returns becomes a breeze, as the personnel can easily scan the QR code on the return form to get all the information auto-populated, and if the customer forgot the return form, it is easy to search by name, order ID, or even the UPC of the product.

Every order can be processed as a refund or an exchange, and the new order (line) is automatically connected to the original order.

The returns interface is filterable by marketplace, process level, date of order, date of return and so on. All the changes made are instantaneous, and multiple people can work in the interface without any issues.

Product database

Smart Automation

Infinite Channels Support

Returns Processing with Exchanges / Replacements