How Automation Software Can Save Your Business Time & Money

Let’s talk about automating your business.

Automation saves time and money, making it vital to growing a modern retail or wholesale business. But what’s the difference between going digital and going automated? Digital is like using a computer without internet – whether that’s through a spreadsheet like Excel or a different database system.

The problem with this is that the different parts of your business- your sales channels, purchase order system and shipping stations – they’re not talking to your inventory database, and they’re not talking to each other. They’re not being updated in real time. That’s where automation comes in. AUTOMATION software syncs up different parts of your business, giving you constant, fast, and accurate inventory updates – so your day off isn’t spent doing physical inventory counts.

If you don’t want to add another layer of complicated software to your operation, or you’ve already invested in a tool that hasn’t produced results, I get it. Maybe you’re skeptical. But as people who’ve worked in this industry for over a decade, my team and I built CommerceBlitz OMNI Warehouse to be simple, practical and effective. That means you get up and running without hassle or delay.

Let’s take a live view at CommerceBlitz and show you how this works.

First, you upload a CSV export for a quick and smooth transition from your digital business to a fully automated one. The software handles the rest, and the process is seamless.

Here’s what happens when you take that step: you used to physically count goods across your entire warehouse. That took lots of time and manpower. Now, by automating with CommerceBlitz, individual segments can be sectioned off, cycled, and reopened, which cuts downtime and makes your inventory reports faster and more accurate. Plus, on top of tracking what’s IN your warehouse, automation tells you what’s going OUT. With sales tracking, your supply is updated as soon as a sale is registered, eliminating input errors.