10 EDI Benefits

10) It’s fast.

Integrate EDI and you’ll reduce your manual data entry by magnitudes. That decreases inventory screwups, reduces delays, and keeps your reputation as a seller high. 

9) Automation saves you money.

Automating a formerly analog process means less paper, less stamps (which are expensive, as the writer of this post has come to learn while planning a wedding), and less labor hours. The easiest way to improve your bottom line is by investing in infrastructure that helps your team do things more efficiently.

8) Use less paper!

Automating processes reduces paper usage, which keeps your office clean – and the Lorax happy.

7) Data integrity.

Enter data once and it pops up on the other end, so someone else doesn’t have to write the same thing again – which means half the chance of messing it all up. Plus, EDI contains coding standards that help you elaborate on specific types and formats of information, leave special notes, and much more.

6) Security.

Data integrity reduces the chances of leaks, lawsuits, and embarrassment. That being said… you should probably still avoid giving your passwords to the intern.

5) Take it all the way to the bank.

With a better system for record-keeping, taxes and reconciliation become a thousand times easier. Tell your bookkeeper you’re thinking of automating invoices and watch their reaction closely; their eyes will light up with the hope of a child on Christmas.

4) A bird’s-eye view of the whole supply chain.

3) Spend time on the things that matter.

By reducing the time spent processing and fulfilling orders, your team can actually help you do the higher-order tasks you hired them for, instead of running around the warehouse during crunch time. You’ll be able to turn “all hands on deck now!” into “some hands, sometimes, it’s totally fine.”

2) It makes talking to the world’s largest companies easier.

You speak EDI, they speak EDI, he she we…speak…EDI… 

It’s great when systems can communicate with each other. And that’s why #1 is our favorite:

1) Works with CommerceBlitz 😉

Thanks for reading!